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Versa Curriculum Books
Versa Curriculum Books are teacher / student textbooks for use in Christian Schools, Adult Sunday Schools, Bible Institutes, and a variety of other serious Bible study venues. These books are also appropriate for personal Bible study. Discover the uniqueness of the chapter layouts that make these textbooks so versatile. Contact King’s Kids Baptist Press at King’s Kids International Baptist Mission for updates on other Versa Curriculum Books. Current and future titles include: Apologetics for Baptist Bible Doctrines; Apologetics for Contemporary Issues; Biblical Foundations for Character, Ethics, and Relationships; and others.

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Dr. Keith Thibo is the founder of King’s Kids International Baptist Mission and has authored numerous curriculum materials for King’s Kids Clubs, TRAC Clubs, and local churches. These materials are distributed in more than 130 countries around the world. King’s Kids Baptist Press offers textbooks to churches, schools, institutions, and individuals.

Dr. Keith Thibo